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Tell me about your vision! A beautiful tile artwork makes a great focal point for a home, whether on a wall or backsplash. A portrait in paint or pencil is a lovely and commemorative gift.

Ceramics underglaze is painted on 6" square bisque tiles with Amaco velvet paint, glazed, and baked in a kiln. Tile art is available as painted serving trays or mounted on wood for wall display. Pricing is proportionate with Painting, with $100 materials surcharge.

Paintings & illustrations are created using Golden Open acrylic paints, ink and/or watercolor.
Prices, Acrylic / Tile Paintings
12" sq $350;     11x14" $500
12x16" $700;    14X18" $800
16X20" $1000;   18x24" $1600

Prices, Illustrations (paper)
4x6" / 5x7"  $300
11x14" $500


I require a 3-4 week turnaround on custom illustration work, 6-8 weeks on tile work; a 50% deposit for acrylic and tile paintings. In the past, I ship UPS exclusively for tile, and FedEx is also fine for paintings; US Mail, not so much. In the course of creating a custom work, we start with an in-depth conversation, followed  by my receiving multiple photos, etc. Then I'll send light sketches by email, and we can tweak the design throughout. Once agreed upon, I move on to the main phase. With tiles, I guarantee an additional firing if you're not happy with the outcome. Paintings and illustrations can also be repaired/recreated, depending on the situation.

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